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Custom App Development

Custom apps exhibit uniqueness because they are built to meet the demands of their owners. So the app we will develop for you will wear the cloak of your idea and contain all the necessary features and functions that are necessary for it to work perfectly.

Developing a custom app is challenging as no easy task it requires a complete understanding of what your idea entails as well as your goals and objectives for the product. This is why your focus should be on consulting a competent custom app development company that is committed to achieving your app development goals.

One issue that consistently haunts many custom apps is their tendency to suddenly malfunction. This can be embarrassing and can lead to a huge loss of revenue. We help you to avoid this problem by obsessively test-running your app to ensure that it remains functional in a variety of conditions. Doing this makes certain that the final product we deliver is flawless and without any blemish. If you’re looking for a company that provides reliable custom application development services, then you’re at the right place. We are able to complete your custom application development project within any stipulated deadline you suggest.

We offer our clients effective customization of features as well as post-development consultation for upgrading and marketing purposes.


Game Changing Solutions

Our end-to-end services and support have ensured client satisfaction:

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  • We keep your idea confidential with a signed NDA

  • A free consultancy session before commencing the project to discuss pricing, marketing and project feasibility

  • Project plan is divided into sprints for smooth project management

  • Wireframes, prototypes and UI/UX approaches are developed for your product

  • Agile development practices

  • Pre-engineered boiler plates used for development to reduce time and costs

  • Fast and smooth communication carried out via Skype, Trello or Slack

  • Thoroughly tested development cycles

  • Automated and manual testing processes

  • Code commits on a regular basis to ensure transparency

  • Extensive deployment and testing services

  • After deployment support services


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Provides services to Industrial, Commercial & Residential clients.

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Origami’s Road To Successful Application Development:

Project Requirements
Project Requirements

A team member is assigned to the client for gathering project details.

Wireframes & Prototypes
Wireframes & Prototypes

Using the use case document, the application’s prototype is developed.

Use Cases
Use Cases

These requirements are then used to draft use cases for the project.


Once the client approves the prototype, the designs are produced.

Project Plan
Project Plan

The project is divided into sprints and then set up on a PM tool.

Agile development
Agile development

The project is then pushed into development to produce the final product.

Testing & QA
Testing & QA

Development is then followed by thorough quality assurance checks.


Once the client is satisfied with the product, it is then released.

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