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Origami’s implementation of IoT has helped to improve business operations and has made normal day-to-day activities more efficient.

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The Internet of Things is composed of technologies that have been modified from basic IT innovations like Bluetooth connectivity, tagging, and WiFi connections. The upgrading and modification of these technological elements are responsible for the new waves of IoT innovations seen today.

With IoT technology normal tech devices, gadgets, and appliances can be represented online in order to make them highly efficient. This is why there are now cars that can access the internet directly for GPS propagation and other purposes. It is also now possible to control electrical appliances like the TV, radio, air-conditioner, and even the light bulb through the internet with a click of a computer keyboard.

There are not many IoT app development companies around that are able to provide top-notch IoT solutions for clients that need them. Fortunately, Origami Studios is among the select few that have the expertise you seek with regards to IoT technology. Origami Studios is an IoT app development company that is capable of delivering advanced IoT services, helping you transform your business into a futuristic venture that is way above your competitors.

We are here for clients who want to utilize IoT solutions for various challenges. Our IoT services include:


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Our client oriented services make us an ideal fit for your IoT Technology implementation.

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  • Your idea is safe with us. A signed NDA will ensure confidentiality of your idea.

  • A strategy call is set up to discuss features, pricing plans and marketing options

  • Project sprint plans are created and set up on a project management tool

  • Application wireframes are developed and sent to client for UX approval

  • Agile development processes are used for a flexible approach

  • Effective communication is ensured via Skype, Slack or Trello

  • Automated and manual quality assurance tests are conducted

  • Code commits on a regular basis to ensure transparency

  • Deployment and testing services

  • Support services after deployment are also provided



Origami’s Road To Successful Application Development:

Project Requirements
Project Requirements

Project requirements are taken from the client and documented.

Wireframes & Prototypes
Wireframes & Prototypes

Application prototypes are developed which are sent to client for feedback.

Use Cases
Use Cases

The documentation is used to finalize application features and create use cases.


Application designs are produced according to the design requirements of the client.

Project Plan
Project Plan

The project is then divided into multiple sprints and tasks.

Agile development
Agile development

Project is then pushed into development where the team produces a quality product.

Testing & QA
Testing & QA

Our QA team runs thorough checks to ensure there are no bugs in the work.


Application is then made live where it is available for the intended audience to use.

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