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Simplifying knowledge discovery across the globe.

The Assignment

The company was looking to build an enhanced version of their existing mobile app based on the feedback received on the first version from users.

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Stravito provides a simplified solution to decision-makers dealing with consumers to deliver best results based on the needs and desires of their customers. The motto of Stravito’s service is simplicity. All their strategies and decisions are driven by the ultimate goal of simplicity. With Stravito, users can see what is being explored and shared by others and findings of one user can be shared across regions among colleagues.

The company had built a mobile application for its users and once the initial version was out in the market, customer feedback was taken and assessed. Stravito was looking for a technology partner to enable them to update the application in terms of user interface based on the feedback received on the initial version.

Our ReactJS team was assigned to the project who updated the UI according to the client’s requirements.

Technology Stack


Final Product

The newer version of the application for Stravito had an enhanced user interface and functioned smoothly. This was a success with the users as their feedback had been used to develop the new version of the application. It catered to all the issues that were in the previous version with UI/UX enhancement. It was released on the stores and made available to the users in the given time frame. Our team worked continuously with the company to ensure all requirements were met and nothing was left out.

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